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Government changes made to the Children and Families Bill to the way in which support is provided to children and young people with special educational needs became statutory on Monday 1st September 2014. The new Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25 Years therefore became statutory guidance for organisations like us, who work with and support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

As part of these changes, Local Authorities and Schools are required to publish information on how they will support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). This is called 'The Local Offer' and ours is detailed below:

Houldsworth Valley Primary School

Our Local Offer

‘The Best for All – From Each the Best’

We work together, united by agreed aims and core school values which provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where our children are encouraged and supported to achieve their fullest potential, empowering them to make their best contribution to the School community and society.

At Houldsworth Valley Primary School, we strive to provide Quality First Teaching to all children in the school. We adopt rigorous observation procedures, alongside staff training and professional development opportunities to ensure that all the children receive the best possible teaching and learning opportunities. Some children may require additional support, above what is provided to all children, in order for them to reach their potential and individual targets. Information on how the school provides this support is outlined below:

How will Houldsworth Valley Primary School know whether my child requires additional support?

  • Concerns may be raised by a child’s Teacher, the SENCo and/or their Parent or Carer.
  • A child may be working significantly behind the age-related National expected attainment levels and/or are demonstrating a limited progress rate.
  • There may be a significant change in a child’s behaviour or their emotional or social well-being, which requires additional support.

What do I do, as a Parent/ Carer, if I think my child needs additional support?

  • Your first point of contact is your child’s Class Teacher. Teaching staff are available at the start and at the end of the school day, you can make an appointment to raise and discuss any concerns that you may have.
  • An appointment with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) can also be made to discuss any concerns, in liaison with your child’s Class Teacher.

How will my child be supported at Houldsworth Valley Primary School?

Every child is an individual, therefore the support that is offered to your child will be personalised, tailored to suit their specific needs, in order to ensure that they are making progress and achieving their potential.

Any additional support that your child receives is provided after discussions with your Child, the Parent/Carer, Class Teacher and the SENCo.

  • Your child’s Class Teacher will deliver Quality First Teaching in all learning sessions.
  • Your child’s Class Teacher will adapt the curriculum to ensure that it can be accessed by children working at all ability levels.
  • Learning will be differentiated to ensure the pitch and learning outcomes of each learning session are tailored to ensure that your child is making progress.
  • Your child’s Class Teacher may have identified a specific gap in your child’s learning, and will plan, oversee and assess specific learning activities within an Intervention Group, to support your child to make progress.
  • Your child may participate in targeted in-class support, which will be planned and assessed by your child’s Class Teacher. They may participate in specific learning groups, undertaken outside of the main learning environment of the classroom, which would be led by our Care and Guidance Team Leader or a member of the School’s Learning Support Team.
  • Your child may work with a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) for certain sessions during the day/ week on specific targets to ensure your child is making progress.
  • Tailored resources and equipment for specific learning activities will be provided.
  • Access to Outside Agency Support ~ for example ~ Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), Behaviour Support Services (BSS), Educational Psychologists and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) will be available as needed.

How will Houldsworth Valley Primary School determine how well my child is progressing?

  • Teachers at Houldsworth Valley Primary School undertake rigorous assessment of all children’s learning daily, adapting and adjusting planning accordingly.
  • Your child’s learning is assessed during and after each learning session, through the marking of their work and their contributions against the learning objective.
  • Teachers at Houldsworth Valley undertake formative assessments on a half-termly basis.

How will I, as a Parent/ Carer, know what support my child is receiving and how they are progressing?

  • Your child’s Class Teacher will arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your child’s support and progress. This will occur once a term as a minimum.
  • Individual targets for your child, which will have been discussed in a meeting with your child and your child’s Class Teacher, will be outlined in an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The targets outlined in your child’s IEP will be regularly reviewed by the Class Teacher and adjusted according to the progress they have made against them. You will, of course, be informed of any changes by your child’s Class Teacher.
  • Your child’s overall progress and attainment will be shared in the termly Parent Consultation Evening appointments as well as through our half-termly progress checks that are shared with Parents and Carers.

How will my child know what support they will receive and how well they are doing?

  • Where appropriate, your child will participate in and be a part of the meetings that take place between yourself and your child’s Class Teacher, when discussing their learning and progress.
  • Your child will have their own copy of their IEP, which outlines their individual targets and strategies that the children will be working with.
  • Your child’s Class Teacher will share with your child, on a daily basis, how they are progressing through marking feedback in their books, to frequent verbal feedback at points during the school day.

What policies do Houldsworth Valley Primary School follow in order to promote positive behaviour?

  • Houldsworth Valley Primary School promotes positive behaviour choices through our ‘Conditions for Learning Our Positive and Restorative Approach to Behaviour’ policy which can be viewed here.

Does the school have access to Specialist Services and Outside Agencies?

  • If your child’s Class Teacher, in conjunction with the SENCo and the Parent/ Carer, deem that your child may benefit from further support from a professional outside of the school environment, there are many avenues that we can access, depending on your child’s need/s.

-The Speech and Language Team (SALT) provide specific support within the school environment and within personal settings, to children with precise Speech and Language concerns.
-The Local Authority services, such as the County Inclusive Resource (CIR) for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
-Suffolk Behaviour Support Services (BSS) who support children with strategies and targets to make good behavioural choices at school.
-Educational Psychologists, who will come and observe your child’s learning patterns within the school environment.
-Sensory and Communication Team, who will provide specialised support and strategies for children with hearing or visual impairments.

How accessible is your school site?

  • Our school site is fully accessible.
  • Leading into the school building and within the school are ramps to access all levels of the school.
  • There is a new lift within the school building, which provides easy access to the ‘under construction’ learning environment extension and our Care and Guidance Support room.
  • There is a disabled toilet and changing facilities which are fully accessible.

How would my child be supported through transition phases?

  • Your child will be fully supported through each phase of transition, from moving classes and year groups at the end of an academic year, to moving schools at the end of Key Stage Two.
  • Class Teachers liaise closely to share and pass on information regarding your child and their education to ensure that the School continues to provide the high quality provision that your child receives throughout their schooling at Houldsworth Valley. 
  • A series of ‘taster sessions’ and a ‘Move Up’ week in the Summer Term are provided to ensure pupils are well prepared for the next stage in their learning and development.  
  • In addition to a range of transition opportunities and activities provided for our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils Houldsworth Valley Primary School supports and upholds communication links between the primary and secondary phases of learning, in order to provide a smooth transition from Key Stage Two to Key Stage Three.

Further Information

  • If you would like to arrange to visit our school, please contact our School Administration Team at the School Office for more information:

01638 663214

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Special Educational Needs Coordinator ~ Mrs Rachel Hunt

Special Educational Needs Govenor ~ Mrs Louise Nelson

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