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Accessibility at Houldsworth Valley Primary School

At Houldsworth Valley Primary School we endeavour to make sure our school site is as accessible as possible to everybody.

Main Entrance

There is allocated disabled parking available in the School car park, situated by the main entrance to the School Office. The entrance to the School has a permanent ramp and wide main door, to allow easy access for wheelchairs. The front door has a slope to allow easy access for wheelchairs and can be opened electronically by pressing the button on the wall.

Entry from the playgrounds

Entry to the main School building and the recently completed extension to the rear of the School site are accessible via wide access doors, level with the ground.

Entry to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) area is via wide access doors with appropriate slopes to enable wheelchair access if required.

The temporary, mobile unit, currently known as the ‘Learning Hub’ and being used by Years 3 and 4, Rabbits and Squirrels classes respectively, is accessible via a portable ramp if required. (The next phase of the School’s expansion will provide the required additional classrooms which, like the first phase, the Learning Wing, currently home to Years 5 and 6, will be fully accessible and the mobile unit will be removed.)

Disabled Toilets

There are three disabled access toilets situated throughout the School, one in the main building, one in the Learning Wing and one in the temporary Learning Hub.

The School’s Care and Guidance facilities and staffroom / planning and preparation area are accessible via stairs and a lift. Additional access to the Learning Wing can be gained via the lift and through an additional wider door with electronic opening facilities also.

Access is reviewed regularly and appropriate provision is made for all children in School. The relevant outside agencies will be called upon for advice and assistance. Parents of a disabled child will be involved with any decisions that are taken.

For more information and/or details about disabled access and provision at Houldsworth Valley please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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