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The School Day at Houldsworth Valley

7:45am until 8:50am



10:15am until 10:30am

12 Noon





3:15pm until 6:00pm

Breakfast Club

School starts
Children line up with their Class Teachers

Learning begins

Mid-morning break

Lunch starts for our youngest pupils

Lunch starts for Years 1 to 6          

Afternoon Session begins

Assembly (Mon-Thurs)*

School finishes

After School Club

* Celebration Assembly is held at 9 am each Friday


Please note:

There is a short break in the afternoon for our younger children.

Children are expected at school, with their parent / carer, no more than ten minutes before school begins at 8:50am. Parents are politely asked to bring their children to the School Office if they are late.

Children in Early Years Foundation Stage, Years 1 and 2 receive fresh fruit or vegetable snacks mid-morning. Children in Years 3 to Year 6 may bring a fruit or vegetable snack from home as a snack. Sweets are not allowed in school under any circumstances. 

Recent Updates

Home School Agreement

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School Attendance

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School Meals, Weather, No Smoking

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Sibling supervision of children

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"pupils conduct themselves well in and around the school and are very polite and respectful of each other and adults"