Packed lunches

We encourage children’s packed lunches to be balanced and healthy. Children can only eat frit as a snack during break time. Unhealthy food such as sweets and chocolate may be removed by staff and returned to the child at the end of the day. Here are some simple, fast and scrumptious ideas to bring new life to the dreaded lunchbox – and remember, the power of novelty is not to be underestimated.

School Dinners

School dinners are not served on trays but on a separate plate and bowl.  A choose of a hot or cold lunch is provided.

Healthy and happy

According to NHS choices a balanced lunchbox should contain:

  • Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta
  • Protein foods like meat, fish, eggs or beans
  • A dairy item, like cheese or yogurt
  • Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

Please remember no nuts are allowed in school.

Gardening at Houldsworth Valley-producing our own nutritious food

The children have been growing runner beans, sweetcorn, courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, carrots and strawberrys this year.  These are given to the kitchen to serve up at lunch time.