Believe, bounce, grow


  • To promote a culture of high self-esteem where pupils feel valued and special
  • To be an inclusive school by embedding high expectations for all learners
  • To foster a culture of determination through a range of learning behaviours and a growth mindset


  • To develop lively and enquiring minds
  • To be resilient and learn from mistakes
  • To create a climate of risk taking, responsibility, thinking and discovery
  • To respect and embrace differences (compassion)
  • Work as a team learning from one another and collaborating


  • To prepare the pupils to become citizens of 21st Century and life-long learners (future-proofing)
  • To challenge our learners, securing best outcomes by questioning, investigating, deepening and debating
  • To research, share expertise and quality and show curiosity (wisdom)
  • To acknowledge and celebrate the achievement of ourselves and others
  • To nurture and build strong foundations for all learners, including parents